Skill Swap 4 History!

Join us for the fourth Intergenerational Skill Swap!
An afternoon of alternative learning, conversation and new skills for young and old.
NB You don’t have to come with a skill to swap, but if you have knowledge to share we are happy to hear it!
This week we look back through the mists of time to talk about history!
Our three local experts are: Richard York, who will introduce the Ancient Bagpipes (don’t worry we’ll put him in another room!) and he’ll show us how to do circular breathing; local theatre maker Weekes Baptiste will talk about The Windrush Generation; and Bill Black will tell us how the printing press impacted our history and we’ll celebrate Northampton’s anarchic past with a bit of printing and pamphleteering!
Plus we’ll have our tap-out table for anyone who needs a break.
Everyone gets a chance to experience each 20 minute activity and then we’ll get together to share what we’ve learned at the end.
Our usual tea and cake break will have a historical flavour too…
Parents / carers MUST stay with their children but you are free to have a coffee and chat to other parents while your young people explore. The Lab has a full Child Protection Policy and takes safeguarding seriously. We regret we do not have the capacity to to provide extra support for SEN kids at these events but if you are able to come and provide that extra support for your child then you are very welcome to attend. If you’d like to discuss access requirements with us please email on the address below.
FUTURE EVENTS: We’re halfway through our Skill Swap programme and we’re looking for topics for the last one. If you have an idea please let us know! Message us or come to the event and tell us! Still to come: Environment and the mystery Skill Swap!
We’re still on the hunt for more volunteer ‘experts’ to lead the conversations. Experts can be of all ages, you just need to be enthusiastic and knowledgable enough about your subject to lead a conversation or short workshop for 20 minutes.
Do you work with a home school group who would like to be involved?
Are you a potential expert? We’d love to talk to you!
Please book your free tickets if you’d like to attend…
This project is funded by Northamptonshire Community Foundation


Apr 04 2023


2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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