Fossilheads + The Brewer’s Daughter & Trixie Dust

£4 on the door
Our mission is to encourage audiences towards climate action with our unique eco-political/comic/folk/opera/theatrical songs.

“Brilliant Brechtian cabaret chanson environmentalists…”  ATTILA the STOCKBROKER

Clever, funny, superbly talented and thought provokingSCOTT DOONICAN, THE BAR-STEWARD SONS OF VAL DOONICAN

“FOSSILHEADS are next and the duo’s songs about the looming climate catastrophe are as timely and pointed as they are funny. The pair are fantastic performers with great chemistry and stage presence. Songs about climate change denial and corporate greenwashing are delivered with a mix of comedic character work and incredible musicianship. As per their introduction, they do indeed put the ‘ooh’ in ‘existential doom’”.  TWINFEST REVIEW, NEW BOOTS

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Jun 01 2023


7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

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