Samurai Cop 50th Show!

Samurai Cop presents…
OH HEY it’s my 50th gig as Samurai Cop, so let’s get silly!
Sat 13th April
The Lab, Northampton
JØTNARR – Incredible riffs ranging across sludge, crusty hardcore and black metal from the tundras of Colchester.
BURIAL RØT – Putrid oldschool deathmetal from rotting Nottingham
TUMANDUUMBAND – Instrumental bass doom rifftuals from the graves of Birmingham, invert the goat!
POTHOLE – Powerviolence from Lincoln! FLHC!…/pothole-happy-holidays-you…
ABRAXIAN – Sludge doom riffs and sweet post-metal guitar harmonies from Milton Keynes.
KURT STRANGLE – Leicester hardcore mosh! EMHC!…/straight-strangle…
more bands and start time / entry TBC!!!


Apr 13 2024


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm