International Women’s Day

Check out this MASSIVE CELEBRATION we have in store for International Women’s Day.
£5 members entry
£6 non-members
We’ll also be collecting donations for Northamptonshire Rape Crisis.
Small but mighty, FFSYTHO is a five foot tall fireball smashing the mould in UK grime.
Growing up in Northampton and fenced in by a male dominated local music scene, the lack of women producing music pushed FFSYTHO to make all of hers in secret. But secrets never stay secret for long and with this amount of pure skill and attitude, there was no way this small West Midland town was ever gonna hold in this type of talent!
Delicious Bass House DJ
Burlesque performer & environmental Activist Delizalademure, will be basing her performance around her mental health journey. It is dedicated to the late Katy Corrie.
Producing her own beats and lyrics, Super Butterfly is a high energy, empowering performer.


Mar 08 2024


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm