THE LAB is a Community led members club with a big heart and a passion for entertainment.  This independent venue treasured by its people operates as a Co-operative, by music lovers with a DIY community spirit, providing a rolling programme of events that is sure to get you dancing, thinking, laughing and singing!

“As with most towns, regular live music venues have dwindled. The highwater days of The Soundhaus were abandoned by its owners for The Roadmender, which is still hanging in there, despite becoming a far less than gripping tragi-comedy. Everything that went wrong with these venues in Northampton was caused by arrogance, mismanagement, a bewildering attitude towards promotion, and greed, all the exact opposite of what saw The Lab thrive into a hub for the underground music community in recent years. It’s almost David & Goliath, though all David had to do was keep his head down, mind his own, and just watch the big fella balls it all up himself.”
“Get down there with 130 other good people and we’ll all be sweating like porky pig in a Bangkok sauna. That’s right. This ain’t high tea at Claridges. The lager will set you running for the cubicle, where the seat is always broken. This is the real deal. If you don’t like it, stay home, let momma dock your ipod.” -unknown
We are pleased to announce the lager is now delicious and safe to drink and the toilet seat is currently intact!